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Process matters.

At Convina we've been honing our process for more than 15 years. While other firms focus on winning awards and impressing their peers, everything we do revolves around helping our clients bring amazing products to market.

Starting with our first meeting, we combine your ideas and vision with our deep expertise in engineering, design, and strategy to create the product roadmap.

The Product Roadmap is a prioritized list of product functionality required to create a compelling, market-ready product.

We pull features from the product roadmap to create a Sprint Plan, which outlines functionality we're going to create during our next sprint.

A Sprint is a designated period of time where your entire product team is focused on creating new features that are ready to ship.

Each sprint cycle is made up of multiple scrum sessions. A Scrum session is a continuous period of time where engineers and designers work together to iterate on your product.

At the end of each sprint cycle, we ship. Shipping is when we push the latest functionality out to your customers.

Between sprints we collaborate together to review the product roadmap. We put heavy emphasis on reacting to metrics and feedback we get from your users.

For example: where they are clicking, what features they are using (and aren't using), and how long they spend online.

that tells us what they love about your product, what they don't like, and what they think is missing.

Different is better.

Something interesting here.

Convina Other Firms
Process Our agile development process enables us to launch early and iterate often. Their project-oriented process centers around sales reps landing big deals.
Timeframe Launch your project in 3 to 5 weeks. Launch in 3 to 5 months if you're lucky.
Risk We require no upfront payment. We only get paid when we deliver. They require up to 50% upfront.
More Risk No big contracts to sign. Try our service risk-free. If it's not working, you're under no obligation. Once you sign the contract, you're stuck with them no matter how bad things go.

Trust is earned.

Each day, users generate millions of transactions that are powered by our engineering, design, and strategy expertise. From consumer apps with hundreds of thousands of users to products for business, education, and government, Convina has experience launching products in every field.

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With Convina there are no big contracts to sign and no pushy sales reps to deal with. The first step is really simple: Let's have a conversation